Helping to turn around a struggling institution

Helping to turn around a struggling financial institution

Our relationship with this client goes back to 1996, when we played a key role in the turn-around of the (then) struggling company.  Since that date, we've worked with numerous similar organisations.

During this project we:

  • Worked with the top team to define: the future vision for the company, new structures and roles, and to develop a clear set of skills and mindsets required of all employees to achieve the new vision.
  • Assisted with the identification and then subsequent design and delivery of a comprehensive training and development programme for internal change agents.
  • Co-delivered a transformational skills and change programme with the internal change agents for the whole company, in order to develop the required capabilities.
  • Designed and led the delivery of an Employee Opinion Survey, designed to give a timely measurement of employee views and engage them in the change process.  This was repeated after the training to gauge the changes and impact on the business.