Our Thinking

Our Thinking

Our fascination with business psychology has lead us to write a number of books and papers on the subject. We have highlighted a handful here which we hope you might find interesting.

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Resilience: Bounce back from whatever life throws at you

Jane Clarke & John Nicholson

Resilience is a quality that helps you turn adversity into advantage and threat into opportunity. The good news is, it's a package of skills and behaviours that you can learn or develop, whatever your age, circumstance or experience. Tough stuff hits us all at regular intervals; it's how you let it affect you – and how you deal with it – that counts.

Based on extensive new research, and backed-up with real-life case studies of people who display resilient behaviour, the book shows you how to calculate your own resilience levels (your 'RQ') and how you too can bounce back from bad times. It concludes with a 10-point plan to help you pull all the components of resilience together.

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Savvy: Dealing with People, Power and Politics at Work

Jane Clarke

Everyone has to deal with difficult people at work at some point in their lives but not everyone is savvy enough to know how to deal with them effectively. Savvy provides essential advice on mastering and developing the right skills to overcome these problems in order to boost your career.

Based upon brand new research and featuring the startling results of a worldwide survey on office politics conducted by Nicholson McBride, the book is backed up with examples and case studies based upon Jane's extensive experience resulting in both a personal, accessible and practical resource for anyone looking to survive and thrive in the workplace. It will help you understand colleagues' behaviour and power dynamics at work, and teach you how to negotiate them successfully. The book also features a quiz to identify how savvy you are in the workplace.

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Neurodiversity: Better Brains for Business

What if we could create an environment that helps organisations get the best out of their top talent by recognising that brains are as different as people?

Neurodiversity is an area of Neuroscience that focuses on how brains vary in development, structure and function. It offers new ways to get the very best out of some of the most brilliant minds.

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Transform your Outsourcing and Strategic Partnerships

We have researched and developed a unique set of techniques and interventions to enable organisations to unlock the potential of their business and outsourcing partnerships.

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Wired Working

Wired Working

Jane Clarke & Laura Nichols

We know our business landscape is transforming. From relative predictability, we have moved to a "new economy" world of dotcoms and digital nervous systems – a world that is fast, knowledge-led and wired.

While many organisations are waking up to this new reality, they tend to focus on developing new business strategies or creating the right structure, rather than managing the human dynamic. Yet the human dynamic is essential to success in the new economy – human talent is the new currency, and organisations must learn how to attract, motivate and retain it. They need to know how to encourage the skills, attitudes and behaviours necessary for success – how to develop "new economy attitude".

With real-life case studies and insights from the UK and beyond, this book looks beyond the hype of the new economy to offer real, practical strategies for managing the human dynamic. Well-informed and engaging, the book provides both food for thought – and tools for action.

Office Politics

Office Politics

Jane Clarke

Office politics are a fact of working life. From behind the scenes manoeuvring to up-front manipulation, its power and influence on individuals and organisations is immense and ignored at your peril.

Office Politics is a candid, down to earth guide to understanding, and dealing with this complex and often hidden world.

Written in lively, jargon-free language, this user friendly guide explores the nature of office politics (both positive and negative) and identifies who uses politics, and why. Illustrated with mini case studies and anecdotes, the book shows office politics at play, and helps you recognise it in your own workplace.

Whatever your role in the organisation – manager or team member – this book will give you the skills and understanding to handle office politics constructively and with confidence.

20 Steps To Better Management

20 Steps To Better Management

John McBride & Nick Clark

Intended for people at all levels of management, this is a straightforward guide containing 20 steps to help achieve an effective and well-motivated workforce.

The topics include making the most of oneself, coaching and delegation, picking and maintaining an efficient team, dealing with difficult people and situations, creating a common vision, learning through experience, turning stress to advantage, and keeping life in balance.

Consulting Into The Future

Consulting Into The Future - The Key Skills

Edited By Karen Lee. Contributions from Jane Clarke

This book offers a unique perspective on the consulting skills that will be fundamental to every organisation in the future. It brings together an authorship team which not only writes knowledgably about consulting skills in theory, but whose members are actively involved in inspirational work themselves. The result is a wide range of perspectives on how a good consultant can change our world.

How Do You Manage

How Do You Manage?

John Nicholson

Do you want to delve deeper into the practical and psychological challenges of managing people? Filled with activities and exercises, this empowering book shows where the answers lie for you.

What are the irrational assumptions that stop you making the most of yourself?

Do you know how to manage your boss?

What should today's ambitious manager be doing to prepare for tomorrow's world?

Can you get to the top and still find time for your family?

These are just some of the questions explored in this fascinating compendium of people handling skills.